We have a limited amount of pigeon shooting at all of our estates this spring. Spaces can be booked on a first come first served basis, but we will always give priority to our Guns who already support us on driven shooting. We can put up all the hides and decoys or you can do this all yourself. In some cases we would transfer you to another agent who will sort out some shooting on our estates or indeed some other ground if pigeons are hard to find on our land.

Full Decoys/Hides/Etc
One man, one day £150 + VAT
Two sharing a hide* £150 + VAT (£75 + VAT each)
Two Guns in own hides (two hides) £120 + VAT each
Roost Shooting
(no decoys, hides or anything provided)
£50 + VAT per Gun

*However, with two in one hide, only ONE can shoot at a time. The other must only watch and have his gun unloaded and in a gun slip. This is as per the BASC recommendations for Pigeon shooting, following a number of cases where one shooter has shot another in the same hide.

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